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                  Swedish Massage      Combines various hands-on techniques, including kneading, and cross fiber friction.

                                                     30 min $50, 60min $85, 90min $115

                  Deep Tissue               Similar to Swedish Massage, but with deeper pressure in releasing muscle tension.

                                                     60 min $95, 90min $125

                  Sports Massage         Concentrate on increasing range of motion, and flexibility, relieving muscle soreness.

                                                     60 min $95, 90 min $125

                  Mother-to-be             Pampering treatment designed by The Lux experts to ease the effects of pregnancy.

                                                     60 min $95, 90 Minute $115

                  Couples Massage      Any style of massage can be made into a couples massage, relaxing in the same room.

                                                     60 min $170, 90 min $230    

Hot Stone               Promotes deeper muscle relaxation through placement of smooth heated stones at key points on                                         the body.

                               90 min $135

CBD Therapeutic Massage        60 Minute $105, 90 Minute $135

Foot Reflexology                        Deeply relaxing and therapeutic modalities for those suffering from plantar fascitis, ankle                                                                             injury, or everyday use.

                                                     30 min $50, 60 min $85

Carpal Tunnel/Neck Release      Concentrating on your hands, wrist, and forearm, with Hot Stones, followed by a therapeutic neck                                                                 massage.  Aids in relieving arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

                                                     30 min $60, 60 min $90

Body Treatments

Sugar Body Scrub                       Exfoliate and moisture your skin, followed by an lotion application. Excellent service for dry to                                                                 normal skin.

                                                     30 min $60, 60 min $90

Sciatic Release                             Back of the body massage with attention to the low back and sciatic nerve. Includes Bamboo Sticks                                                            and Hot Stones.

                                                      60 Minute $105

Lymphatic Drainage                     Involves gently manipulating specific areas of your body to help lymph move to an area with                                                                       working lymph vessels.

                                                        30 Minute $50, 60 Minute $85


Head-over-Heels                          Foot massage with a shea butter foot wrap followed by a scalp treatment massage with coconut and                                                            essential oils. Excellent for overwhelming headaches and sore and achy feet.

                                                     45 Minutes $85

The "De-Lux"                              Sugar scrub, body wrap, and a 1 Hour Swedish Massage with Facial Steam. 

                                                     110 min $200

The "Lux-ury"                             Sugar body scrub, full body Massage with our Hot Stone

                                                     Enhancement, Scalp Massage, Shea Butter Foot Wrap

                                                     Aromatherapy, and chocolate truffles.

                                                     110 Minutes $200

The "Ritz"                                   90 Minute Full Body Massage, Therapeutic Foot Soak, complimentary

                                                     wine and cheese platter

                                                    100 Minutes Single $170 Couples $340

The "Sweet Romance"                90 Minute Couples Massage with Hot Stones, complimentary Champagne,

                                                     Chocolate Truffles and Strawberries

                                                    100 minutes $340

"The Works" Package                 1 Hour Swedish Massage with Hot Stone on the back, neck, and shoulders, Aromatherapy Facial                                                               Steam with Facial Cupping

                                                     90 Minutes $135

Gift Certificates Available      


Hot Stones to back neck and shoulders      $10

Lux Foot Scrub                                           $10

Lux Back Scrub                                          $10

Shea Butter foot wrap                                 $10

Aromatherapy                                               $5

Facial Steam with Aromatherapy                                                  $10

Hot Towel Face and Neck Compressions                                     $10

CBD Oil                                                                                         $10

Cupping                                                                                         $10

Spray Tanning

The very latest in spray on tanning technology this process is streak free, odorless and dries in minutes. Without harmful exposure to UV rays.

Tan only $45

Spa Reservations to best ensure the treatment you want are available at the time you desire, we strongly suggest making reservations well in advance of your visit, please call (951)347-2356.

Also before booking your treatments, please notify us if you have high blood pressure, allergies, any other physical ailments or disabilities, or if you are pregnant. If at any time during your service you experience discomfort, please alert your therapist immediately. Your satisfaction and enjoyment is our primary concern.


We ask that you arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment so that you may relax and not feel hurried into your spa experience. Unfortunately, late arrivals cannot receive an extension of scheduled treatments.

Cancellation Policy

As a courtesy to other guest and with consideration for the therapist, we request that all guests extend a courteous 12-hour cancellation notice to reschedule or cancel any appointment. If less than the cancellation time notice is given, full service price will be billed. A credit card number is required at the time you book your appointment.

Give the gift of wellness! Keep that special someone stress-free, with a Lux Day Spa gift certificate. It's a perfect surprise for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays and more.

*Availability of treatments and prices are subject to change without prior notification.

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